Pete Gage


Completed in March and April of this year 2021, this latest collection of 14 instrumental tunes, available as downloads from 14th June, will be going out under the title "Journey's End". There will be a CD release at roughly the same time, available from this website, along with my other albums. 
Over the years, I have recorded many spontaneously improvised piano pieces, all kept "on file" on my hard drive. Many of these piano pieces are available on
But on this occasion I invited Mickey Gavaghan to join me in recording his own tenor sax improvisations, with complete freedom to create what ever came naturally, but just to flow with whatever direction the piano keyboard was going.  
Both Mickey and I are very pleased with how it turned out. Its a complete departure from the bluesy Pete Gage Band. But the end result is very much what I was aiming for, in keeping with my love for just sitting at the piano at home, allowing the music to flow. Clearly Mickey has a similar side to his character, born out here by his amazingly sympathetic responses to my piano pieces.  
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