I've worked as a musician since the mid-sixties, primarily as a blues vocalist. I also play blues piano, guitar and harmonica. Not to be confused with the other Pete Gage, from Vinegar Joe, my first break was in 1967 with iconic ex-Shadows bassist Jet Harris's band, playing the British club circuit.

I then moved on to the London blues circuit, fronting my own band Blues Faction and the blues/soul band The Blazers. I moved to the west country in the late 80's and teamed-up with local cult band ​The Pink Torpedoes, which included Paul Hartshorn - guitar, Pete Lowrey - bass, and  Dave Raeburn (later of The Hoax and Danny Bryant Blues Band) on drums.
When the legendary R&B band Dr Feelgood lost their frontman Lee Brilleaux to cancer, it was Dave Raeburn who recommended me to take up the challenge of stepping into Lee's shoes. I toured with the band for four and a half years throughout Europe, playing in excess of 200 gigs a year, whilst receiving warm accolades from die-hard fans as well as newer and younger fans. "On The Road Again" was the Dr Feelgood album to announce my arrival as Lee's replacement, and it still receives great reviews to this day. It features as a guest on harmonica, the great Alan Glen (ex-Nine Below Zero and Yardbirds)
Since 2000, I have continued to work mostly in the South West of England with my own band, The Pete Gage Band, playing up to date interpretations of classic blues material. The band has gone on from strength to strength since it's inception with a unique and original approach to standard blues, boogie & gospel.
Off-shoots from the full band, namely The Pete Gage Blues Trio & Quartet, play the same kind of material as in the band setting, but with a more "laid-back" and spontaneous style, tinged with a roots-y, jazzy flavour. I lead from the piano, accompanied by a varied selection of musicians, including Paul Hartshorn on guitar.
Other projects since 2000, included my role as front man vocalist/harmonica player with the Mike Hoddinott Blues All-stars, playing high energy blues all over the South West of England. With Mike's distinctive drumming and leadership, I still enjoy gigging and recording with Mike to this day.

In 2007 I teamed-up on piano and vocals,with 
ex-Feelgood guitarist the late Gypie Mayo (Milk & Alcohol/Down to the Doctors) and drummer Will Lunn to form The Monumentals.
In 2010, Gypie was a special guest on 6 tracks of my "Tough Talk" album, produced in Finland.
In 2011, John B. Sparks (bass) & "The Big Figure" (drums), two founder members of Dr Feelgood, joined Gypie and myself to form  "The Realgoods". We did a successful tour in Japan at that time with support from Eddie and the Hotrods.
In recent years I have focussed on writing and recording my own material, most of which is available to download on www.bandcamp.com 
I have collaborated with many great artists such as, most recently this year 2021, tenor saxophonist Mickey Gavaghan, and in 2020, with both Mickey & Craig Crofton, also on tenor sax. Previously in 2015 I recorded with Pee Wee Ellis (tenor saxophonist and one-time MD for James Brown and Van Morrison) on my own album "Left Over Blues". Other great musicians I have worked with include Paul Hartshorn, Kevin Brown, Gypie Mayo,  Jon Amor (The Hoax), Midge Ure, Innes Sibun, Tristan Powell (Georgie fame's guitarist/son), Joe Wilkins & Duncan Kingston, plus some fine musicians from Finland such as Jassi Takanen, Arto Makela, Tema Lampinen and Teppo Nattila. 
My 2010 15-track album, “Tough Talk”, was recorded by, and features, my Finnish connections, along with Gypie Mayo, and is still available so I believe, from Goofin Records on www.goofinrecords.com  This album is also listed on my petegage.bandcamp.com page 
My 12-track album, "Left Over Blues" released in 2015, features 4 regular members of The Pete Gage Band, all masters of their craft, Craig Crofton, Paul Hartshorn, Duncan Kingston and Eddie John, plus, as mentioned above, special guest saxophonist, Pee Wee Ellis featured on 4 of the songs. This album reflected how I wanted to progress in music: blues-influenced songs, accompagnied by fine musicians, who have inspired me so much. Details of this album's availability etc., are on the "Recordings" page of this website.
After featuring as vocalist on the release of a "live" album "Jesse Davey and Friends"in 2012 (available on Bandcamp.com), I was invited in 2015 to contribute 4 songs, jointly composed by Jesse and myself, on his 2015 solo album "BIG BLUES". This album received rave reviews even before it was released and it highlights Jesse's great guitar work and his unique tone. Jesse asked for tough and gritty vocals, and I am particularly pleased with how it turned out.
Then in November 2016. Gretsch guitar man extraordinaire, Ruzz Evans (a.k.a. Ruzz Guitar), invited me to contribute 2 tracks vocalizing and piano playing on his album "Burn Out". Then, in 2018 I recorded 2 more songs for Ruzz, that featured on his album, The Heist.
Also in 2018, I released my own new album called "Sweet Hearted Woman". This album is more eclectic in style, including blues-y ballads, an instrumental, and some straight blues, all of which are self-penned.
More recently I have regularly been teaming up on "LIVE" gigs with four of the South-West's finest blues guitarists, Innes Sibun, Jon Amor, Joe Wilkins and Ruzz Evans.
In 2020 I made a solo album entitled "Pete Gage... not alone" consisting of 12 blues tunes, myself on piano and vocals, but accompanied by 2 different tenor sax players, Mickey Gavaghan & Craig Crofton, both of whom have been a part of The Pete Gage Band in the past.
In 2021 I have ventured out into a very laid-back piano/sax collaboration (Journey's End) with Mickey Gavaghan, released in June this year. I like to think of it as "chamber jazz"!
(More details on my "Recordings" page).

60's Sloane Squares, Jet Harris Band
70's Solo artist
80's Blues Faction, Blazers 
90's Pink Torpedoes, Pete Gage Band, Dr Feelgood
2000 on.. The Monumentals, Mike Hoddinott's Blues All-Stars, The Pete Gage Band, 
The Pete Gage Blues Trio/Quartet

Give it with a feeling - Pete Gage (1994)**

On the road again - Dr Feelgood (1996)

Out of hours - Pete Gage  (1997)**


Pete Gage & Innes Sibun (1999)**


Pete Gage & Paul Hartshorn (2005)**


Tough Talk - Pete Gage (2010) **


Blues Legged **  Jesse Davey & friends (2012)
Big Blues - Jesse Davey & friends (2015)
(includes 4 songs by Jesse and me, with myself on vocals)
Left Over Blues - Pete Gage (2015)**
Burn Out - Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue (2016)
(includes 2  songs with myself on vocals and piano)
The Heist- Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue (2018)
(includes 2  songs with myself on vocals and piano)
Sweet Hearted Woman - Pete Gage (2018)**
Pete Gage...not alone - Pete Gage  (2020) **
Journey's End - Pete Gage & Mickey Gavaghan
(instrumental duets for piano and saxophone)
P** These albums are all available for download on   www.bandcamp.com


2 videos of myself with Dr Feelgood

2 videos of  The Pete Gage Band (more on the "Youtube" & "Recordings" pages) 

Myself on vocals with Juha Takanen of Finland, words by me, music by Juha

Myself on vocals with Jesse Davey, Mark Barrett  and Jon Amor of The Hoax