​ Recordings -  2010 to 2020

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CDs are £10
plus £3 post and packing


14 self-penned instrumental tunes produced in the second "lockdown" March-May 2021

Pete on piano/keyboard with Mickey Gavaghan - tenor sax,
duets throughout.

A 12-track mix also available for download/streaming on all major sites including petegage/bandcamp.

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CDs are £10
plus £3 post and packing

Original bluesy material produced 
in "lockdown" March-May 2020.

Pete (vocals & piano) with
Mickey Gavaghan - tenor sax 
on 9 tracks
& Craig Crofton - tenor sax
on 3 tracks.  

A 12-track mix also available for download/streaming on all major sites including petegage/bandcamp.
CDs are £10
plus £3 post and packing
12-track mix of
original material released in 2018 
Pete (keys, blues-harp, vox)
Paul Hartshorn - guitar
Sean McBride - sax + flute
Ruzz Evans - guitar
Eddie John - drums
Also featured is
Duncan Kingston on bass, Richie Blake on bass,
and Rob Brian on drums.
12-track mix also available for download/streaming on all major sites including petegage/bandcamp.

CDs are £10

plus £3 post and packing


8 self-penned and 4 covers of all bluesy tunes produced in 2015

Pete - Piano/Vocals

Paul Hartshorn - Guitar/Dobro

Craig Crofton -Tenor Sax

Pee Wee Ellis - Tenor Sax

(Tracks 4,5,7,9)

Sean McBride - Baritone Sax 

(Track 2)

Duncan Kingston - Bass

Eddie John - Drums

A 12-track album also available for download/streamingfrom the following site 


My 15-track 2010 CD "Tough Talk", produced in Finland, and featuring 6 tracks with Gypie Mayo is  difficult to get hold of.

I suggest people contact Fennica Records, a great record/CD store in Helsinki, who just maybe, will have a copy available.

Otherwise, the album is available for download/streaming

only from the following site: petegage/bandcamp.com


Two "lockdown" projects of Ruzz's, in January & February 2021,
both produced by Ruzz, & mixed as it would be in a studio,
some brilliant guitar-work by Ruzz, Innes Sibun
& Jon Amor, great tenor sax by Mickey Gavaghan
& 2 all-round fine performances by all the musicians. 

Ain't Nobody's Business:
Ruzz Guitar - Guitar, Mickey Gavaghan - Tenor Sax,  Jack Jowers - Trumpet,
Greg Mitchell - Drums,
Zachary Evans - Rhythm Guitar, Chris Smith - Bass,  
Pete Gage – Vocals + Keyboard

If You're Goin' To The City:  
Ruzz Guitar, Innes Sibun, Jon Amor - Guitars, Mickey Gavaghan - Tenor Sax,
 Mike Hoddinott - Drums, Richie Blake - Bass,  Pete Gage – Vocals + Keyboard

Also as featured vocalist/pianist on 2 tracks of each of Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue albums
"BURN OUT"  2016. and "THE HEIST" 2018


The following one-off recordings from 2020 feature Paul Hartshorn on guitar

and myself on piano and vocal. 

Download these audio files along with ALL of my recordings, solo

and/or with various other established musicians, on petegage/bandcamp.com

Also released in Finland this February 2021,
a limited edition CD of a "LIVE" performance
from 2009, featuring on vocals, myself with
the famed "Doctor's Order" Finnish R&B
band. This is high energy blues/rock, not for
the faint-hearted !! &
 it's available from ...