​ Recordings -  2010 to 2019

Paul Hartshorn plays powerful slide guitar on this latest 2019 single release, available from all the usual outlets for download only. The lyrics were written to fit the spontaneous pre-war flavor of the piano playing, which fell into place whilst I was recording at home. It's a one-off recording  we are both very happy with.


Sweet Hearted Woman (2018)
There are a few musicians on this record that I would like to mention here. Respect to  my long-standing friend and musical partner, Paul Hartshorn. Paul has produced and played guitar on 3 of the songs on this, my latest album, "Sweet Hearted Woman". His professionalism and talent, not to mention his adaptability and his ability to draw the best out of me and my music, have never ceased to amaze me over almost 30 years of working with him. 
Also to be able to include on the new album, the versatile & soulful playing of Sean McBride on Tenor & Baritone Saxophones, and Flute as well. Over the years, Sean has recorded and gigged with us on many occasions and on many songs, for which I owe him enormous gratitude. His expressive playing is featured on 9 of the tunes here.
A huge thank you to the up-coming and exciting guitarist Ruzz Evans, whose enthusiasm, versatility and hard work is an inspiration. The sweet sound he gets from that black Gretsch guitar of his on 3 of my tunes, has brought extra colour and character to the album. It was indeed an honour to return his kind gesture of a year ago when he invited me to contribute to his album fine "Burn Out".
Eddie John on drums is featured on 5 of the tunes here. Eddie's style and energy is perfect for me. When playing "live" in The Pete Gage Band, he is constantly on the look out to respond to the musical gestures that his fellow band-members are making. This is especially so in response to my own playing and vocals. He seems instinctively to know what myself and the music require. 
Also featured is Duncan Kingston, my long-standing bassist in the band, and in the Blues Trio. Duncan has contributed so solidly in many of our "live" gigs and recordings over the years. Also featured on the album is Richie Blake on bass. I have worked with Richie on and off for more than 20 years, and Richie now features regularly with the Pete Gage Blues Quartet.
Then there's the brilliant Rob Brian, whom I first worked with about 20 years ago when I guested with the Innes Sibun Band. Rob is a very musical drummer whose timing never fails to amaze. His presence is always a bonus for the band.
Finally, the songs are not all brand new. Some of them I have kept on the back burner until the right time came along. All have been remixed and compiled over a 6-month period. It's not all blues this time, but I guess my voice cannot avoid that cracked blues-y edge. The end result is a collection of songs that reflect where I'm at on this leg of my musical life.
Pete Gage, December 2017


The Heist 

the new album by

Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue and featuring

Pete Gage on piano and vocals on 2 tracks.

This album is available for download from amazon, iTunes etc.,

but the CD is abavailable from Ruzz's website



      LEFT OVER BLUES (2015) 


              Pete Gage: Piano/Vocals

              Paul Hartshorn: Guitar/Dobro

              Craig Crofton: Tenor Sax

              Pee Wee Ellis: Tenor Sax (Tracks 4,5,7,9)

              Sean McBride: Baritone Saxophone (Track 2)

              Duncan Kingston: Double Bass

              Eddie John: Drums

The CD is available direct from the Homepage. Also available for download from iTunes, google & amazon 

ALSO, hear my previous solo recordings with various established musicians on petegage/bandcamp.com

I am a featured vocalist on 4 tracks of Jesse Davey's 2015 albulm "BIG BLUES" 

and as a featured vocalist/pianist on 2 tracks of Ruzz Evans' 2016 album "BURN OUT"

You can also get my 2010 album "Tough Talk", produced in Finland, and featuring 6 tracks with Gypie Mayo, from the following websites:

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