I've been writing poetry since the mid-sixties, becoming smitten AFTER my schooldays, with Dylan Thomas, and soon after, with Gerald Manley Hopkins. The expressive wordplay of these 2 great poets was what appealed to me most, not to mention their incredible use of rhythm and aliteration. It was "music" to my 18 year old mind, entering my life as I was absorbing the music of the great post-bop jazz musicians on the rise in the USA.
Getting my poems published or even read, became a frustrating and depressing process, with me collecting rejection-slip after rejection-slip. My sense of rejection was off-set only by my aspirations to become a graphic artist, or a vocalist on the burgeoning R&B scene in the West End of London. But my poetry-writing continued, although it wasn't until the age of 69 that I was first published, when I was asked to write an introduction to a catalogue of water-colours by the late David Evans, who was very much a friend and mentor when i was still struggling to find a means of artistic expression in the mid 60's & early 70's.
In the 90's and later, I was living in Frome, Somerset, and touring in South West England with my R&B band. This is when I met up with local author & poet, Crysse Morrison. Crysse put me in touch with her publisher, John Chandler, who liked my poems, and my mandala paintings, and he offered to publish a book with his Hobnob  Press .
The rest for me is history.......

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